With the introduction of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) comes many more responsibilities for trades companies and anyone responsible for building works and maintenance.

About MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd is a nationwide Asbestos surveying company

Based in Cambridgeshire, we are well placed to carry out inspections across the majority of the country, in particular in London and the larger metropolitan areas of Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Chester and Liverpool. We work a wide spectrum of clients, from small businesses right through to large corporations.

We are a well established and respected company in the asbestos surveying industry, with an enviable reputation for offering a fast and reliable service at competitive rates.

MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd are an independent company specialising in the field of asbestos surveys, consultancy and asbestos awareness training.

Complying with the most recent legislation, our experienced asbestos surveyors hold the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) Certificates in Building Surveys for Asbestos P402 Qualification & P405 in Asbestos Building Management.

Our client base ranges from individual owner-occupiers to large public companies, including well-known names such as BMW Mini, Crown Plaza, The National Trust and KFC. We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy our clients’ surveying requirements at short notice, and within a pre-determined budget.

Our success is driven by strong customer service, working professionalism, and an attention to detail, ensuring above all else the safety of you and your property.

We also provide Asbestos Awareness Training Courses tailored to the specific needs of your personnel. Courses can be held on-site to minimise work disruption or at external venues for larger numbers, and include course notes and attendance certificates.

Our main office is in Cambridge covering East Anglia, Midlands & London, Office in the town of West Oxfordshire town of Witney provide us with central coverage of the Cotswolds, Thames Valley and London areas. We also have offices in Leeds, to better meet the service needs of our clients based in the north of England.

All asbestos surveyors are equipped with the very latest touch screen survey reporting technology. This enables them to send survey findings immediately back to the office. As soon as the samples have been analysed and checked, the report is then sent via email and can then also be viewed via our on-line portal, offering a fast and very cost effective asbestos survey.

Willing to travel anywhere in the UK.

We are specialists

Asbestos Survey and Consultation

Our asbestos surveyors provide an unbiased report and set of results regarding your building’s asbestos presence. Our asbestos consultants will then advise you on how to proceed based on these results. If asbestos is correctly identified we can action monitoring plans. If exposed or dangerous levels of asbestos are found, either during our initial management survey or a proceeding check-up, we will advise you about removal.

If you then decide to have renovation or demolition work done then you must, by law, also have a more intrusive R& D survey done.

Education is key to keeping both businesses and homes safe from asbestos. We take this responsibility very seriously, drawing from our extensive experiences to best inform our clients and our reports nationwide.

Government regulations

Initially asbestos was widely used as an insulator in the walls and ceilings of our homes. Its properties as a strong, light, heat-resistant non-conductor made it ideally suited for this purpose. This practice continued for hundreds of years, well into the first half of the twentieth century.

Asbestos regulations have changed hugely since then, in response to our increased understanding of the material. The first confirmed asbestos-related death occurred in Manchester in 1924, leading to the publication of the first Asbestos Industry Regulations in 1931.

Nowadays we understand much better the threat of toxicity that asbestos represents. As of 1999, every commercial building built or in use must be professionally surveyed for asbestos fibres. Somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 deaths a year still occur due to inhaling asbestos fibres, placing the threat of asbestos-related deaths well above those of road traffic fatalities, for example. Awareness is changing, but asbestos remains an ever-present threat, quite literally woven into the infrastructure of our society.

Recent reports have suggested that two and a half million buildings in the UK contain asbestos but only around half a million have actually had surveys done. This worrying statistic has led the UK Government to implement spot checks of commercial buildings, to ensure they have had a survey completed.

Quick action can save lives as well as money. If you suspect you have asbestos in your building, give one of our experienced asbestos consultants a call for a free quote and start putting your mind at rest.

Our Approach

At MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd, as you might expect from a leading consulting business, we pride ourselves on our open collaborative approach.

While much of what we do requires rigorous objectivity, we work with you to understand your needs and priorities and seek to help you achieve your objectives as best you can in strict compliance with legal requirements.

We aim to be transparent in all of our dealings with you, detailing what we intend to do for you, identifying the cost of our services up front as far as is possible, and reporting openly on our progress and findings.

To maintain the integrity of our relationship with you we directly employ everyone concerned in the delivery of the work we do for you. As a knowledge business and concerned to provide you with the very highest quality of service we ensure that all of our people – managers, surveyors, analysts and environmental specialists – are trained and accredited to the highest relevant level of environmental qualification.

MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd– always on your side.